Alliance offerings will be designed to augment those provided by regional associations. Examples of service opportunities include:

  1. Connecting member schools across regions both in person and digitally
  2. Designing interventions to generate insights that will enable members to strengthen their regional positions
  3. Enabling member schools to conduct comparative and joint research.
  4. Supporting regional association accreditation efforts that enable schools accredited by one regional player to obtain recognition across all rising markets
  5. Accelerating faculty and student exchange across rising regions
  6. Promoting regional association and school programmes and events to all members
  7. Providing regular opportunities for deans/directors from emerging markets to engage

Areas of collaboration:

  1. Exchange of information and best practices
  2. Joint research
  3. Visits during annual conferences
  4. Recognition of accreditation
  5. Online meetings

The alliance is intended to serve business schools located in rising economies through their regional member organisations. Within schools, key segments include deans, their management teams, faculty, students and alumni.